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Small Vessel Boat Lifts

Small Vessel Lifts

We understand that small vessels, whether it be a personal watercraft, small fishing boat or a simple rowboat, they are all valuable and need protection against the elements. Our Cantilever lifts are built with quality and price in mind. These rugged little lifts are a great investment!

Standard on the CL-900B is a 2500 lb. capacity gear reduced brake winch. Simply effortless! The 1500 lb winch is available. It offers a 3 to 1 gear ratio for a quicker retrieve.

We can customize.

Product Details

Model CL-900B
Capacity: 900 pounds

  • Dimensions 72" to 80" Available
  • Depth 6" Minium + boat draft
  • Lifting Height 42"
  • Adjustability 12" and 24"
  • Unit Weight Approx. 120 lbs.


  • All Aluminium Construction
  • Stainless Cable & Hardware
  • Stainless Steel Fly Wheel
  • Light Weight & Durable
  • Maintenance Free
  • Dutton Lansen Brake Winch
  • Full Length Bunk System
  • Four Corner Adjustability
  • Optional Side Guides Available