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Aluminum Shore Decks

Aluminum Shore Decks

Aluminum Shore Decks are designed to your specifications, similar to a backyard deck. We fabricate the frames and connect them on your site. No need to have level ground, or any kind of shore preparation. Our aluminum legs will adjust to your landscape.

Our shore decks are unique, in that a portion is free standing on land and overlapping over the water. We create a safe extension to your shoreline that requires no permits and no costly excavations, and is a fraction of the cost. Best of all, it looks permanent, yet it's still mobile. It makes for a great landing and starting point for any dock. Our shore decks are designed to withstand the harsh canadian winters.

Available Sizes

  • Frame Sizes are designed to your specifications.
  • Shore decks are assembled on site.


  • Aluminum Structural Welded Frames
  • Will Not Rot Or Twist
  • Your Choice Of Decking
  • Aluminum Legs Will Adjust To Your Landscape

    Contact us and see if a Shore Deck is right for you.