Levac Fabrications
Built To Last A Lifetime

Canadian made aluminum docks and small vessel lifts.
"Taking the time to make it right"

Levac Fabrications
Built To Last A Lifetime

Canadian made aluminum docks and small vessel lifts.
"Taking the time to make it right"

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Whether it's to be used for boat docking, fishing, swimming or just to sit and enjoy the waterfront, the simple concept of a dock that stretches over a body of water should be a worry free investment.

At Levac Fabrications, we truly take pride in our products. We don't give our docks fancy names, and we don't make promises we can't keep. We offer quality, commercial strength aluminum docks and boat lifts, with the best pricing and service in the industry.

If you're looking for quality aluminum boat docks, shore decks or small boat lifts, Levac Fabrications has you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions


All portable docks should be designed for easy installation and removal. Having said this, not all shorelines are the same. Water depths and bottom conditions vary considerably. With over 15 years of dock installation experience, we know first hand that taking the extra time to properly get the job done, goes a long way. So, always take the time and make the necessary adjustments from one season to the next. It truly will last a life time!

Why Aluminum?

Metallic aluminum has many properties that make it useful in a wide range of applications. It is lightweight, strong, non magnetic, and non toxic. It is strong, but easily workable, and it retains its strength under extreme cold. The surface of aluminum quickly oxidizes to form an invisible barrier to corrosion. When it comes to longevity and durability, aluminum is the choice of freshwater dock builders.

Why choose an Aluminum frame floating dock over wood?

Unlike wood, aluminum frames are welded together to form a solid structure. They won't twist, they can't absorb water and they will never rot. Aluminum does not release harmful chemicals into the water, even if it gets wet. The configurations and size of the platforms are endless, and weigh considerably less.

Can I use pressure treated wood on aluminum?

Yes. Brown Sienna treated lumber is now available. Like Select Plus, this decking is perfect for outdoor use! Its colour is very similar to the look of western red cedar when wet. Very durable, and has a nice cedar look to it.

Can I purchase the frames without decking?

Yes. We can fabricate frames to your specifications, and guide you with decking ideas.

Bottom Conditions?

Bottom conditions can be challenging for any dock installation. Whether your shoreline consists of stone, sand, or even that soft muck, our dock legs and pads, are designed to offer maximum stability.

Ice Behavior?

Here's the problem. Ice formation around any structure is not necessarily bad. The fact that ice will expand and contract during the winter, most likely won't cause any damage. Wind and currents that displace this ice during thaws, can and will create problems.

Your location on any waterway is the answer. Being sheltered in a bay and having no visible current, will result in a gradual thaw. The ice will melt from the shore first and its movement is limited. Mother nature has its own agenda, so when in doubt, remove your investment before the ice comes along.

Rough water and wake?

Even though our docks are light weight, rest assured they will not move! They're designed to allow water to flow freely underneath and to run off the deck. Deck panels are designed with a 1/2" spacing between each board. They are secured with a finishing moulding. Aluminum legs have drain holes, which fill with water to add stability. Before installing your dock, you should know water fluctuations, waterway traffic, and normal wind conditions in your area. This will help to decide on the height of the installation. We're always available if you have any questions or concerns.


Depending on the depth of water and length of your dock, you may require bracing. The braces will connect to both the leg and the dock. Our docks are a solid welded structure, strongest in the industry. Many companies charge extra for bracing, but we believe when you purchase Levac Docks, stability is our responsability, not yours.

Using a dock leg to secure my boat?

A properly secured dock leg that extends 6" or more from the deck, is a great tie down. Leg bumpers can be added to the leg, and side of dock to protect your vessel. For longer docking purposes, a boatlift is your best protecton.

Winter Storage?

Before removing your dock/boatlift for the winter months, be sure to find a suitable dry location. There is nothing worse than moving things twice. Follow your manufacturers procedure for removal. Dock frames should be stacked in sequence, with legs still attached, for easy install in the spring. Deck mouldings can be staggered over the frames.

Decking panels should be properly stacked on a flat surface, and not standing up. Cover them with a tarp, and keep them dry. Although aluminum docks are designed for exterior use, and are maintenance free, you should clean off any debris, such as mud and mussels. Keep it looking clean!


We manufacture all our products and sell directly to the customer. We're able to keep our pricing very competitive, and our quality and service continues to be our strength.

We'll do our best to answer any questions you may have.

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The shore deck they made, turned out great. We are the envy of the lake.

Sylvain L. - Eagle Lake, ON

What People
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Dealing with Ghislain has been great. He knew what we were looking for before we did!

Rob St. Germain - Cornwall, ON

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We wanted something a little different. We are very happy with the end results.

Pierre L. - Cornwall, ON

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Thank you. We're extremely happy with our dock system. They take the time to make it right.

Eric Savard - Rockland, ON

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Our Warranty

Levac Fabrications warrants that its welded structures will be free from defects in the workmanship and material, for a period of 7 years from the date of purchase. Warranty is applicable to the original purchaser.

For the complete warranty, please contact us.



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